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Let Me Tell you About My Favourite....

Hi Society of Broadcasting! My name is Emma and I’m one one of the new website managers! I’ll be posting frequently here and I thought I’d introduce myself by writing a ‘get to know’ me type article. So let me tell you about my favourite things!

Favourite Book: The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

I like to consider myself a pretty avid reader (with pretty great taste), but I didn’t come across this book on my own.

The Things They Carried is a collection of short stories about the struggles of American soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War.

I had to read one of the featured stories “On the Rainy River” for my English class in high school. To put it lightly, I was sobbing at my desk five minutes later.

I had no idea a story could make me feel so many things: disappointment, excitement,

irritation, compassion. I bought it the next week

Source: Emma Duke and read it over the summer.

Every single short story, connected though slightly different, made me feel a complicated range of emotions all at once.

Not only did I learn about war, I learned about love and loss and failure and victory and everything in between. The Things They Carried became a quick favourite.

Favourite Movie: 1917

I’m clearly following a war theme here! Seriously, though, if you haven’t seen this one yet, I will personally make it my duty to find a way for you to do so.

Although very much a dramatized version of the true story, it is based on a real person’s experience, which causes the viewer to feel even more connected to the film and characters.

Source: Wikipedia Speaking of characters, George MacKay

and Dean-Charles Chapman are the leads,

both underrated actors but nonetheless

incredibly talented.

If you aren’t convinced yet, the film won the academy award for best cinematography.

Favourite TV Show: This Is Us

Maybe I’m just into things that make me cry? Well, get your kleenex box (or twelve) ready. You’ve probably heard of this show, but there's a reason it's so popular!

The show follows the lives of three siblings and their parents. I know that summary doesn’t really sell it but...

Source: Parade

Not only is This is Us entertaining,

suspenseful, and relatable, I’ve actually

learned a lot of life lessons from this show.

It’s a show filled with hope, which is something, I feel like we don’t see a lot of on tv these days. And, Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore….did someone say power duo?

Favourite Album: Sing to Me Instead - Ben Platt

There is not a bad song on this album. Each song has been thoughtfully-penned and carefully crafted.

I love albums that include a variety of songs:

some upbeat, some emotional, and Platt’s album definitely achieves this…

there’s even a song on the album that really makes you appreciate your parents (In Case You Don’t Live Forever).

Source: Wikipedia You can bop to Platt’s tunes whilst

appreciating his beautiful voice and heartfelt .


Favourite Podcast: On Purpose with Jay Shetty

I don’t think I’d be a true broadcasting student if I didn’t include this category.

‘On Purpose’ with Jay Shetty is a podcast centered around spreading ‘wisdom,’ that is, wisdom on how to improve your life.

Shetty discusses things like: how to love yourself more, how to go about building healthy relationships, and how to embrace vulnerability.

Shetty himself has some great advice- as a Source: Spotify former monk, he can definitely provide some

insight on living a stress-free life, and finding

your purpose.

More than often, though, Shetty features guests on his episodes; these guests offer advice (many of them experts), or simply share their life experiences and stories.

By featuring guests on his podcast, Shetty really allows the viewer to gain different perspectives, information, and insights.

‘On Purpose’ is educational, funny, and makes you want to live a better life, one with purpose. Shetty uploads episodes of ‘On Purpose’ every Monday and there’s always new, great content.

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